The last 12 months we have all experienced could probably be classed as one of the strangest years of our lives. The pandemic has hit everyone so hard in many different ways, and businesses, including in the real estate industry, have struggled greatly to fight off the risks that came with lockdowns.

We are incredibly proud of how well our team has coped during 2020, and they’ve worked harder than ever to ensure a safe, positive, and productive working environment to benefit both our clients and each other.

During this year, Kings have sold hundreds of properties to our clients, whilst making sure they got the best deals possible, and found exactly what they were looking for. We have not only helped long-term property owners in finding new and exciting homes and projects, we have also helped lots of first-time buyers to get their feet firmly onto the property ladder.

It can be an incredibly difficult journey getting set up with your first mortgage and becoming a homeowner, but our experts go to great lengths to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Alongside helping people find new homes, we have assisted many property investors in finding their next properties for lettings and renovations. There are a huge number of dilapidated homes that get forgotten about all around the country. It only takes one talented, and forward-thinking individual to see the great potential in one of these homes.

As we have spoken about across our marketing last few months, we have revealed our exciting plans to expand further afield, into other sought-after locations in the midlands. This includes Nottingham, Birmingham, and Coventry as some of the most popular locales.

We have managed to find the drive and dedication to turn 2020 into as positive a year as possible, and once again, we are so proud of the Kings team for their hard-work and dedication to their roles.

We hope that you all have a fantastic end to the year, and a very Merry Christmas from the Kings team.

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