Following yesterday’s news of another nationwide lockdown to combat the pandemic, there are many concerns and uncertainties surrounding everyone’s plans, especially in the property market. The good news is that the government has confirmed that real estate and lettings agents, valuers and removal firms can continue to operate. This means that if you’re already in the process of arranging your move or property investment, you may continue. You can also keep looking for your new home too.

Everything that could be done before lockdown in terms of our experts helping you to sell your property, such as valuing your home and taking photos of the property for listing, can all be done safely and efficiently, as has been done whilst restrictions were eased.

Our team has been working throughout the pandemic, utilising the recommended safety measures and ensuring both our clients and our staff are kept as safe as possible. PPE, distancing, and sanitisation have been at the forefront of all of our minds, and like many, has become almost second nature. Rest assured that our staff aim to keep you safe and confident when visiting our office, or during our property visits for valuations. 

We understand that this past year has been both frustrating and upsetting for so many people—we feel it too. Not everything in our lives has to be put on hold though, so if you are looking to get into your next home as quickly and safely as possible, contact the Kings team today and we can get you started.

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