Suki Kaur, founder and director of Kings Real Estate is proud to announce that our team will be working with Hazelton Homes in a brand new partnership. Hazelton Homes are an award-winning team who have been building luxury and elegant properties over the last 20 years and we are incredibly excited to be working with them. 

Our branch manager Krishan Morjaria, recently met up with site manager Jordan Cunningham on Hazelton Homes’ recent Humberstone development, Hine Park. This area is in a much sought after location and boasts beautiful, individual architecture, breaking away from the commonplace “cookie cutter” quick-builds that are appearing up and down the country. Hine Park is a visually appealing, townhouse development, building upon a grade II listed hospital. The building and surrounding area have been respectfully renovated and new properties are kept in-line with the style of the previous building, which exudes character and charm.

Once again, we are very pleased to be working with such a prestigious group. Here’s to many years of cooperation and providing the people of Leicester with beautiful homes that they can be proud of.

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