The property business is an ever saturated one. Around 100,000 households move home each month, and where there’s this level of demand for new homes, there will be lots of businesses wanting to grab a slice of the pie. 

There are so many independent companies and larger chains around the country vying for the attention of buyers and sellers of homes, land, and business properties. So how does a company, especially an independent, stand above the rest?

Kings Real Estate is a prime example of how to get the job done. With their head office in Leicester, and eight members of staff, Suki Kaur, co-founder of Kings, manages to sell around 30 properties a month in Leicester alone. 

She said: “Our success stems directly from our professional approach. We are determined to maintain the highest standards of client care, which is always on offer by our high calibre, committed and expertly trained staff.”

“In the last two years, we have almost completely refreshed our team to ensure we have the best of the best in this industry. The team goes above and beyond for our clients and everyone has specialist knowledge in specific areas, from auctions and property valuations, to a multitude of language skills.”

The Kings team value their communications skills very highly, and explain that their clear and transparent conveyance of information is of their utmost concern. Suki said: “This ensures that our clients are comfortable and entirely onboard with the buying, selling, or letting process. It’s so important to put people at ease, especially in this industry, as property sales, buying, and moving house can be extremely stressful!”

Kings used to offer properties for letting as well but decided to switch their focus entirely on the property sales. As a testament to their expertise, many of their old clients and those that have heard about the way in which Kings would handle this side of the business, have approached the team to ask for them to reform their lettings team. Their old clients attempted to work with other letting agencies and concluded that Kings were far more experienced and easy to work with and that they missed their great service. Suki said: “Taking the plunge back into the lettings game is ideal for us, especially right now. With our fantastic work in the property market and our new amazing team, we are better prepared than ever to take on this task and catapult ourselves even further into success.”

The new team at Kings is a wonderfully diverse and friendly one, with Harry Sandhu, the Branch Manager, holding the reins. Harry said: “Our team is a great mix of talent from so many different backgrounds and ethnicities. We truly represent the diversity of Leicester and it only serves to strengthen the bond we’ve all formed so quickly.”

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